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1. new! MAN JUMPER future-eater
2. new! little sound disko#03 usk
3. new! Intravenous Music cellular
4. new! Intelligent technology pontonius
5. new! russian machinery arcade_kid
6. new! Rygar you bastard future-eater
7. new! La Queue Du Diable boblemarin
8. new! Zelur Retlif wizball
9. new! wHAT_RGB_vALU_R_uR_eYES? mckenic
10. new! hassmaschine schurke
11. new! Ghosts n Stuff (Deadmau5 cover) oxygenstar
12. 8 Twitchpack poisoncut
13. 10 Bits in the Sand bluepixel
14. 12 welcome to ghost house real_vibe
15. new! Barefoot Mailman geekbeatking
16. new! bass cops sportag
17. new! datadance 2149
18. new! Databit (Extended Mix) komatrohn
19. new! bedroom_activities_ragga_rmx firestARTer
20. 19 einfach weg! id_nrebs
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