micro_fest:nordstern basel 2001
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we wanna thank all artists for doin deep_dope acts, thnx to mona for excellent food, karl rottweiler for high quality moderations, gregster and oz and all the people @ nordstern, lektrogirl for bringing the party to a new level and bernd and marcus from domizil for gettin the records in time (;), the guys from DropDaBomb givin us so much help and cars and space. we love you all :)

thanx karin for da microcake carl multitasking greg (teamtendo) psilo and zid jean (teamtendo) and psilo nordstern (barspace)
nordstern (r0x0r space) live video setup buttons. the SIDsyn! firestarters setup superB constructor
teamtendo! completely naked! yo! timokl for girlz and boyz wanga carl and karl oooops!
bacon after having a red bull carl teaching micromusic on tv wanga vs lsdj for the tv roland and roland thomas on a SIDsyn sneak peak dagmar
digitalkarin que sera? sera? what ever will be? mh?, lektrogirl and doraemon. it iz it started! dropdabomb
droppin..beatz micro_hq boom tzi tzi tzi niip.. niip.. astrogator ñiggeti.. krrr. ziiirp.. thiz dudes had too much pixel pillz.
teamtendo thiz squirrelz.. ..can sing too.. ..but cant see on thiz pix. timokl warming up the crowd. carl and romodel
rolemodel little sound dj ninja a typical popstarz party scene.. thiz dude had too much pixel pillz. no! this is not christmas! bodenstaendig
dropping lyrics and r0xr0ring.. thiz dudes had too much pixel pillz. aaahh... atari beam berns coolio headlight piX0r n roll
introducing.. ... firestarter thiz dude had too much pixel pillz. wiggle wiggle firestarter doktorin da beatz
crowd bouncing! dagmar clix for pix the ladies shaking it! sugarbomb by sprüngli ceremony setup
eeeeks! the Full of Sid EP! introduced and praised by.. ..by karl rottweiler. domizil and micromusic represantives.. ..to crown psilodumputer.
bernd (domizil records) officially released: 3rd nov 2001 master of ceremony congratulations! psilodumputer exciting!
rockin! sharp shooter druqks ! cablez marcusm (domizil) esther
chica! boxhead in the mood r?emo flying da wheelz of steel lektrogirl bern and lektro
crowd thiz dudes had too much pixel pillz. r0xor.. ...n rollin... ...deluxe. yo! eisebs

thanx for da pix: timokl, dagmar, digital karin, firestarter, psilodumputer, dropdabomb and superB

more pix: