gwEm @ automatenbar

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copenhagenbrainstation / his vizuals were amazing !!! yo, microdisco, go, go go !!! manou :-) automatenpeople are
rolemodel, a mole (in the background) & manou dj benji df saves the mad italospirit !!!
Rrrrockin gwEm - the only time he could not escape the cam.....(boy!) gwEm-fans are different ;-P this is lady´s night... microdisco a first contact with micromusic - anybody in the house ? gereon & the temptation (s)
gwEm'S flying V & dj benji intim the famous audio-video-jukebox including the "bank" olaf (get a new beamer!), manou & rolemodel copenhagenbrains, flashing forward, fooling fate, looking great okay, shall we play something ? micro-auto-mat-en-mood

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