micro_hq/_session [22-11-2002]
manou @ automatenbar

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microdance - a man and his shadow benji: itz really time for the last record... ;-] curly boy: "you wanna sell me an O?" girl: "shhhh... genaaaau...." dj killerbambi - the one and only singing i-pod dj hello kitty, whatz up? rolemodel... da original gameboy! ;-]
itz not da micropope - itz dj killerbambi!!! microdisco 4 happy girls: lill-ann & kerstin who's got the longest? ...arm, of course! manou: let's do the happy hippie shake! a marilyn manson track @ microdisco? YOU BET. micromusic 4 scary people: benji df & a friend
red is the colour of my true loves' eyes... "heike, just press this button and you're the dj!" "should i stay or should i go?" [hähnchenpalast is calling] rolemodel & pixelhero: itz not blue - itz micro blue! frank talking to pit aka mr klubradio [thanx 4 da stream!] ahhhh .... yoghurt is this game boy's secret!
serious biznizz: putting da cartridge in da boy! try and copy rolemodel's setup keep your finger on the trigger baby! rolemodel's dreamz... frank fumbling with foreign automaten... "ahh... sooo goood!" watch out: there's always a dark man somewhere behind.

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