Microbe outburst - Brussels
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before and after party !

Some days before, we did the radio show to announce the party listen it !

For the party, post_eat uses some real
mice into a micro-hotel
he made specially for the party .... People were shocked about it !

if you too are shocked don't worry any more,
they are all alive and each of them found a master

check the brussels HQ website for more infos

last check if computers are working

yes it is !

mixer is ok too.

uhhhhh !

lets do the radio show !

the day before !

we need a trailer

attach this
is a pain in the ass


we've got the best tools !

lights power !

it's soon finnish

done ! let's start !

the mouse hotel opens

kong karl land in action

kong karl land + 1 girl !

kong karl land + 3 girls !
success !

back and bottom
dance in the bar !

the mouse monster !

.... concentration

crowd !

political discussion

with supperman !

she don't agree.

lo-bat presents
the best cook chef !

here post_beers !

daryl frigobox


entrance is borring !

OUH !?

we are rich !


brioche & trez

shelly scared

shelly timid

post_eat and a fan desperate for a pic with her hero

cheers Brioche !
party ends :(

the mouse hotel
is still opens !?!

now it's closed!

mice are lost

now they are
all together

the day after :(

thank lo-bat !

this mouse is punished

some sado action ...

party make them tired

mice sleeping !

days later...
somewhere in gent !

lets setup
a new show :

the after party
in the street !!!

post_eat in action !

CD business !
thanks you !

long cable are usefull !

little setup for lo-bat

sort out !


Fans are coming !

Success again !

open air party ends
we call the red hot car

open you, red hot car !
and sort out all for us !

thanks you !