Videohometraining @ MicroAVparty NewCastle
original layout by marieke, check herel!
VHT crew on board!
Goin to Newcaslte
Gijs and Marieke
Acces denied
Norwegian Horizon
Dalas wearing his "Chick-scoring" sweater :)
Lovely indeed!
Spoony B. by night
Marieke V. by night
Dalas V. by night
Gijs G. by night
Cocobean... is it you?
Both girls..smothered??
Hmmm..engelish dish!
We all got loaded on...BABYCHAM!!
The happiest drink in the world!
VHT World Domination Tour t-shirt!
+ Tourdates on the back!
Isaac..the VHT rockstar to be!
wearing his piece of VHT propaganda fashion :)
Who's that mysterious stranger??
oh..its our roadie..
preparations for microgig
Empty Sidecinema
Visitor waiting for some goddamn action
Spoony B. + Gijs G.
New Bleep Dudes
Dalas + guests
Marieke playing funky tunes...
+ matching 16mm background visuals
Marieke & Christo making a funky mix between electro and 16mm film voice-over from the fiftees..
Cinema's with discoballs rock!
Spoony blapping
Dalas bored
VHT being 'sticky'
Dalas the VHT-MC boring the audience with the history of his life....
and they dig it...!.
VHT Visuals
VHT Bonuslevel....YEAH!
Dalas the VHT-MC is going for it!
Fireworks + Rockstar = succes!
Rockstar visuals
VHT vs Happyland
the Videohometrainers at work
End of training!
New Bleep makin some funky loops
New Bleeps + Korg Kaodpadd = breakbeat madness!
Marieke trying to find the right button...
Gameboy plugged into Koadpadd
Some more funky tunes!
Marieke DJ-ing with ....
an IPOD...Yeah!
Christo, playing some 16mm films
VHT Rabbit-MC
& take your gun when you go for a pint...
Hey, you can even get a maffia haircut here!
The welcome return of......Johnny Regan !?!
Videohometraining VS Nature
Emergency fashion!
Dalas doing his bed-dance
VHT boozing up on the boat back
Dalas training the 'arrogant bastard' look..
Oh NO! back to Bergen...