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mobile rehearse in front of the legendary e-werk c-men warming up the beamerz soundcheck dis*ka dis*ka and 386 dx in the background mikron 64 and carl
dj monsta preparing the plates the miracle of technizism soundcheck 386 dx 386 dx and carl's mighty shadow! mikron 64 installing his rock station. playstation and remco
wanga, poke-1,170 and rolemodel mighty micro_hq beam wanga pling plongin gfs screening mysterious "m" ...ooow! yeah!
bacon on bacon 386 dx pogoing on 386 dx 386 dx kickin rock boots jim avignon's screen jim avignon
veeery cute! more.. ...mooooore! bacons laptopand avignon's screen. mikron 64 dis*ka's casio vl-tone
dis*ka in full effect dis*ka heating up da crowd micro_hq setup manou ...singing.. ..for..
...you! manou rocks! rolemodel droppin in. rolemodel ticetitictidiclick. poke-1,170
no pix from.. ..the micro_hq.... ...live gig. s0rry! remco a room with a view. monstas hand
good old german beer ;) bacon and adnan from i-love-u.tv wanga exhausted and friends making nice jokes electro devil at adnans atelier the day after..
... the c-men... ...dj monsta... ...and wanga are rockin... ...the kunstfabrik. unespected listener.. ...from other planet.

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