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psilodumputer from stockholm/sweden

> what's your age?
476, but officially, to prevent confusion let's just say.... 20? 21 on december 15th 2001 :)

> where exactly are you from?
I'm living in a dark basement somewhere in a Stockholm suburb where I also keep my studio - it's always nice and cold there.

> since when do u do music? what was the point why you started doing sound?
tell us about the equipment u use and maybe why u are using it.
II started making sounds/noise when I got my first tape-recorder when I was just a little stupid kid. I did some strange noises by for example holding down the pause-button a little while recording music from radio or myself talking. I also chopped down tracks from radio with the pause-button. I made a lot a tapes containing strange sounds and talking. Some of them I turned the tape inside up side down - it sounded nice nice.

Late 1991 I started making tunes on my Amiga 500. A few years later I bought an Amiga 1200 and later on I bought synths, a PC and all kinds of stupid equipment that I don't use. Today I almost only use my PC. It has all the stuff I need I guess. I'm tired of setting up a lot of synths with midi and all. Now I only sample my synths if needed.

I guess the point of all my creativity has always been to escape the knowledge of being me just for a while... makes me very happy also =)

> is there a method behind the way u compoze your sound?
not really, I always wind up making my best tracks while playing around with different softwares. I never plan on making a good tune. When I try to make a track that I have planned on making before, it winds up being banal, boring and trival. The more I enjoy making the track the better the track gets. A way for me to enjoy making the track is to "turn off" the outside world, to think there is nothing else than the process of making the track. I don't really think nobody will ever hear the track I'm making. It's designed for my ears only. And it gets extra interesting when people share my taste in music, cause often they are the people who like my music =)

> where does the inspiration come from?
Most of my inspiration is subconscious I guess.

I like listening to music made by other people. But often when I hear other people's music I imagine what I would have done differently if the track would have been done by me instead. I pay extra attention to small details in tracks and what I like/don't like gives me perspectives that are useful in my own music to create tracks specially designed for my own taste.

Other great source of inspiration is my past; like my childhood, good and bad expriences etc.

Live music is always good too for inspiration.

> do you have heroez whom you want to emulate?
I don't really have heroes. That some people make good music isn't a reason enough to call them heroes. I don't believe that good music makes a good person. A very ugly- minded person could be hiding behind extreamly good music.

I'm not really following anyones footsteps. I think artists are people like anyone else and I'm not interested of trying to be somebody else than who I am. I think I can be someone worse or better, who knows.

But there are a whole bunch of musicians/producers/artists that I respect a lot though!

> tell us about your releases?
I have been talking to lots and lots of different labels, big and small, since 1997. But every time something has come up resulting that there was no release. Sometimes it was that the people at the label loved the music but the distributors refused to release it. And some labels loved it also but thought that it was not "suitable" for the label. Always a lot of talk but no action.

At the moment I'm working with a swedish breakbeat label called Sound of Habib ( to release a 12" in september/october and also a track/(a few tracks?) are going to be featured on a Sound of Habib compilation in october.

then I have these series of albums called "the 476-series" of 9 volumes. I have only completed 6 of them so far. I have been working with the 476-volumes since 1999. I am planning on releasing them all in the future on 9 different labels ;)

> what are u doing when not doing music? any hobbies?
well I have these interests like taking photos, drawing cartoons, making homepages, making movies and lots of stuff but I never get to do these things because I don't have time for them =) hehe

My time is consumed by my work, my music and my friends + girlfriend :)

> do you have a money_job?
Yes, I work as a service technician at SKV Service. I fix things, like computers n stuff :)

> ever did live acts?
yeah I have done around 15 electronic gigs and an unknown amount of "acoustic" ones :) I have played the drums in lots of gigs in lots of different bands in lots of different places at lots of different times :)

> future plans?
I'm going to take over the world ;D haha

> got a message for the micro_memberz?
think I got a whole bunch of 'em actually.
1) think multiperspective
2) don't take yourself, your life or the world too seriously
3) know your friends and be nice to them
4) always expect nothing
5) know facts but don't let them worry you
6) don't think differently just to think differently
7) there are no absolute universal answers and solutions
8) tomatos are yucky
9) rock 'n' roll is good for you soul!!! da da daddaah!!! så det så!

> ok, gimme the links to all your sites/projects involved in.
the official psilodump homepage will be moving to a new url soon! but at the moment it's at

Sound of Habib (label)

other projects:

the spoiledbrat network
and so on ;)

live-set from the microfestival 2001 in london as 160kbps mp3!

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