micromusic donations

micromusic.net needed a new server!
now we have one! thank you!



dear micro_memberz,

as we all know, the micromusic community keeps on growing and the traffic on the server gets higher every day. we're happy to welcome so many new members but unfortunately a lot of traffic requires also a lot of performance from the server we're hosted on.
in the last few weeks the load was getting simply too big.

in other words: if we want to keep micromusic.net running then we really need our own server.
the new server will still be hosted by obinary.com for free, but we have to buy our own hardware.

micromusic has never run to make a profit. now the problem is that we have no money for this (a new server-computer will cost us at least 1'000 euro). so for the first time in the history of micromusic.net we asked our members for financial support.

and the good news are:

thanks to numerous donations from micro_peeps around the world we got together € 624.-
(until december 18, 2003
- the cost of the server was € 1000). those donators made it possible for us to buy the new server in february 2004 already, a PC P4 2.6GHz with RedHat linux. it is up and running right now and will help us to reduce traffic on the machine we were allowed to run on until now and speed up our micromusic.net services in general.

please check photos of the new server, bacon and michael robertson from obinary.com.
thanks again to our sponsor and supporter obinary.com, you_rock!

micromusic.net is still a non-profit project and we depend on donations from the people out there using our service. there are 3 ways to support micromusic.net at the moment:

1. a donation for the micromusic.net server (check the donators name list!)

also small amounts like 2-3 euro are welcome. just click the link above, you will see a PayPal donation page. if you're new to PayPal you need to fill in some details like a your name, a password etc. dont worry, is is not gonna harm you. we will keep you up2date how much money was donated already. if you want to donate in USD please use this form here.

if you dont like PayPal.com or credit cards, you can send money to our Credit Suisse account:

account name: micromusic, Langstrasse 197, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
account #: 757798-61
IBAN #: CH61 0487 9075 7798 6100 0
SWIFT/clearing #:  4879
bank name: Credit Suisse
bank address: Werdmühleplatz, 8070 Zürich, Switzerland
comments: donation for micromusic.net server
2. a micromusic association membership with certificate

if you'd like to become a member of the micromusic association [switzerland] this is the way to do it. as a member, you are openly invited to attend the annual meeting in switzerland and help us to keep up the running of the association which takes care of all the administrative and
infrastructure work for micromusic.net

3. a microbuilder subscription
  by subscribing for a microbuilder you support the micromusic.net website development project and will get a numbered microbuilder package for a special price before people can buy it in stores.

if you have questions about donating money please contact us at info@micromusic.net

thank you for your help!

the micromusic_board
November 21, 2003