microdonations - support us!

we move our server to a new internet provider!

after 2 years of free hosting at our friends and sponsor obinary.com* from basel we will have to change our server infrastructure and move to the internet provider METANET.ch in zuerich.

micromusic.net has to pay for server and network bandwidth

from now on we have to pay a monthly fee for the server hosting & network usage and we had to invest EUR 900 for a new backup and test server infrastructure.
micromusic.net is a low-budget cultural project and none of the people involved is getting money out of it. we love very much to be part of micromusic.net and invest alot of our time and heart to keep it all up and growing.

with the new server placed at metanet.ch we plan to extend our micro_services: we will add virtual web hosts for all micromusic HQs (london_hq.micromusic.net, paris_hq.micromusic.net etc.) and give the micro_HQ people the possibility to administrate their email lists themselves.

we need your support to keep micromusic.net running smoothly!

if you feel already or want to become strongly connected to micromusic.net and think the project should go on for the next couple of 100 years, you can support us now:

1. donation for micromusic.net

any amount of money is welcome!! just click the links below and you will see a PayPal donation page.


===> donations in EURO

===> donations in US$:

if you don't like PayPal.com or credit cards then you can send money to our bank account:

account name: micromusic, Langstrasse 197, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
account #: 757798-61
IBAN #: CH61 0487 9075 7798 6100 0
SWIFT/clearing #:  4879
bank name: Credit Suisse
bank address: Werdmühleplatz, 8070 Zürich, Switzerland
comments: donation for micromusic.net
people from switzerland can also use our PC-Konto:
8005 Zürich
PC-Nr: 60-628312-6



2. micromusic association membership with certificate

would you like to become a member of the micromusic association [switzerland]? here you can find out how to to it! as a member you are invited to attend the annual meeting in switzerland and help us to keep up the running of the association which takes care of all the administrative and
infrastructure work for micromusic.net

if you want to become a member of the micromusic association please follow this link.

3. microbuilder subscription

by subscribing for a microbuilder you support the micromusic.net website development project and will get a numbered microbuilder package.

if you'd like to buy the microbuilder package please follow this link.

4. buy products at microshop

micromusic.net tries to release music on vinyl or CDs frequently. We also produce micromusic t-shirts and other gadgets from time to time. with buying the micromusic.net products in the online shop you support the micromusic.net website and the artist. check out the latest products!!

if you'd like to buy micromusic products in our online shop please follow this link.


if you have questions don't hesitate to ask us by email!!





in the last 2 years the micromusic.net project was sponsored by obinary.com. we had the possibility to place our server in their server room and use the infrastructure for free. now obinary.com is reducing their infrastructure and hosting services and we had to find another solution to run our micromusic.net server.

see pictures about the micromusic.net server installation at obinary!

thanks again to obinary for their generous support in the last years!! you rock!