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community construction kit v

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The microbuilder package offers all you need for creating an internet community successfully. The software can be installed easily, you learn quickly how to operate the system and the package is easy to adapt and extend.

In the book you can browse through the history of internet communities, the process of building up micromusic.net and other online projects. Illustrations and graphic art work from micromusic.net artists will give you a lasting visual impression and the installation guide makes the software installation process as quick-and-easy as possible. And of course you can listen to the included Audio CD while wearing a button on your microbuilder t-shirt.

release date: April 21 2004
release party: Bogen13, Zürich, Switzerland
limited edition: 200 copies
numbered: starting at 10 upwards
contains: box, software, book, audio CD, knife and 2 buttons

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check the microbuilder paper model (scale 1:4), subscription form and conditions below (.pdf):

german, low-quality 436K
english, low-quality 785K
german, high-quality 5.5MB
english, high-quality 5.5MB

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The basic idea is to transform a plain Game Boy/Game Boy Color into a full-fledged music workstation.

The modular sequencer is able to hold up to 255 16-step phrases in memory. The sequencer is extremely flexible and fast-worked, thanks to clever design and a wisely chosen set of editing button-sequences.

4 individually mutable channels with pannable sound. All channels are running independently, enabling polyrhythmic experimentation and excellent live control. Custom waveforms can be created by free-hand drawing, or by using a subtractive synthesizer with four types of resonant filters.

Little Sound Dj contains an immensely powerful arpeggiator, which possibilities go far beyond the classic C64-style chords. For example, it can also be used for creating wave-table synth-like effects.

Sampled kits
Little Sound Dj boasts a set of 59 sampled phonems for programmable speech. Besides that, it also features drum kits sampled from machines TR-606, TR-707, TR-727, TR-808, TR-909, CR-78, CR-8000, KR-55, DR-55, DR-110, DMX, Drumulator, RhythmAce, TOM and LinnDrum.

15 real-time commands (amongst others: pitch bend, pan, vibrato, flam, pitch shift and sample loop-point modulation) are available for use in the song sequencer as well as in the arpeggiator.

Use a link cable to sync two Game Boys; great for party fun or for extra channels! If you want to, you can sync LSDj with Nanoloop. MIDI sync is possible too, if you are ready to build your own LSDj Midi Interface.

buy the product here:

- www.littlesounddj.com





micromusic microfashion microlabelz microwarez microdonationz microartz