The MicroMusic Invasion Tour is preparing to make a very special delivery to the good people of America


With one swift, deep penetrating stroke, the unsuspecting masses will be exposed to our innovative microstyles! Only an elite team of highly trained micro-mercenaries could pull off such a dynamic feat! Luckily for you, has assembled an international group for just such an occasion:


FirestARTer- Germany - Revolutionary elektro-pop chiptunes

Naughtyboy- USA - Commodore 64 elektro-beat extraordinaire

The C-Men- Netherlands - Masters of micro-style visual propaganda


These brave souls will risk their very life, liberty, and libido to provide the critical sustenance that will bring bold new music to the masses! Fear NOT! For they shall not be going over the barrel alone! NO~! Along the way, they will be joined by micro-heroes from all over our great nation! See for yourself:


Date                 City                  Venue                                      Site                                          Guest Performers:

Aug 2nd              New York          Remote Lounge                          Nullsleep

8pm-1am           $5                     327 Bowery                                                                               Boas

Sponsored by                            New York, NY                                                                            Bubblyfish

Repellent Magazine                212.228.0228                                                                             Unnamed VJ's


Aug 6th              Los Angeles      TWINE @                            

10pm-1am         $5                     Knitting Factory Altrknt-Lng           8-Bit

ALL AGES! J                            7021 Hollywood Blvd                                                                  SHEY

Sponsored by                            Hollywood, CA 90028                

Green Galactic                        323.463.0204                            


Aug 9th & 10th  Las Vegas         Classic Gaming Expo                            SHEY

10am-6pm         Free w/CGE      Plaza Hotel Casino                   

10am-4pm         Admission         Number One Main Street

Sponsored by                            Las Vegas, Nevada 89125

Atari Inc.                                  800.634.6575



Aug 16th            Santa Barbara   Micro-BBQ                                    SHEY

12 noon - 5pm   Free Show         108 Paradise Rd

Sponsored by                            Santa Barbara                    CA 93105-9735


For general info, updates, mp3’s, etc - please visit:

For specific strategic info, please contact


-naughtyboy out~!